Professional career:

Nicole Ciccolo, graphology consultant working within the civil and penal frameworks, provides graphological consultancy and/or reports, in the following areas:

  • alteration or counterfeit of public or private typewritten or handwritten documents. This includes examinations of various kinds, namely physical (writing tools, supports, inks, typewriters, printers, photocopy machines, stamps), instrumental (microscopy, photoscopy, photography, optical photography, lighting techniques, dactyloscopy, typewriting, laboratory analyses) and graphological (chronology of strokes, detection of streaks, documental tricks, damage, storage);
  • Psycho-graphological examination of handwriting gestures at the time of writing.

Since 2000 I have been dealing with graphological investigations connected with bank litigations, in civil and penal cases, both as an expert and as a court assessor, both for private parties and for the Public Prosecutor offices of Bologna, Modena, Forlì, Reggio Emilia, Prato, Ferrara, Fermo, Bolzano, Padua, Verona and Venice, for cases of fake public and private documents, circumvention of legally incompetent persons, subversive associations, fake wills, anonymous letters.

In 2004-2005, hired by the magazine L’ESPRESSO, iin collaboration with Prof. Roberto Travaglini (judicial graphologist), I performed graphological investigations on the alleged Mussolini’s diaries.


In 2011 the journal Italia Contemporanea, No. 265, published my “Praphic and Graphological Expert’s Report” on the alleged Mussolini’s Diaries – published by – Franco Angeli Editore

In 2012 I published “Mussolini e il suo doppio. I diari svelati“- Pioda Editore

In 2014 in collaboration with Mimmo Franzinelli, I published “Bombardate Roma! Guareschi contro De Gasperi. Uno scandalo della prima Repubblica” – Le Scie Mondadori Editore

Educational and scientific activities:

Since 2005 I have been a Teacher of Graphology in Specialisation Courses organized by AGAS – Advanced School of Graphology located in Bologna ( Piazza della Mercanzia n. 2.


  • Qualification as a Graphic Expert at ARIGRAF Rome (, Italian Graphological Research Association, Group corresponding to the Société Française de Graphologie);
  • Master’s degree in handwriting expertise achieved in 2011 at the Advanced Institute of Graphology of Rome.
  • ARIGRAF study and refresher seminar held in Milan (2014) about “Digital technique and instrumental technique: The new frontiers of graphic experts’ reports”.
  • A.G.P. (Association of Professional Graphologists) study and refresher seminar held in Turin (2015) about “Handwriting alterations from the point of view of graphology and expertise”.

Membership in professional bodies and institutes:

  • 12th April 1999: enrolment in the Register of Handwriting Experts at the Chamber of Commerce of Bolognaunder No. 775;
  • 22nd November 1999: enrolment in the Register of Technical Assessors of the Law Court of Bologna (other experts category);
  • 2003: enrolment in G.P. – Association of Professional Graphologists (No. 14/06), with head offices in Bologna (grafologiprofessionisti, Association regulated by Law No. 4/2013);
  • Since 2011 I have been a member of the Executive Council of the Association of Professional Graphologists.

List of selected conferences in which I have been a speaker:

  • 2017 A.G.P. national conference, Bologna: “Possibility and limits of judicial graphology”. Report title: Lights and shadows… of holograph wills.
  • 2017 A.G.P. Umbria-Tuscany conference, Florence: “Signature and scribble: expertise, graphological and pedagogical consequences”. Report title: From signing to initials… a mysterious process.
  • 2016 Advanced Graphology Institute national conference, Rome: “Handwriting identification in an expert’s report”. Report title: The Biagio Carabellò case: identification of a fake.
  • 2015 A.G.P. national conference, Bologna: “Handwriting spontaneity and artificiality”. Report title: Compositions of great fakes in the history of the first Italian Republic.
  • 2015 Advanced Graphology Institute national conference, Rome: “Handwriting falsification”. Report title: An international fake.
  • 2015 A.G.P. Umbria-Tuscany conference, Assisi: “Breathing in handwriting”. Report title: A betrayed message: Osho’s will.
  • 2014 Advanced Graphology Institute national conference, Rome: “Professional refresher courses and making assessors and experts responsible”. Report title: A historical, political and journalistic fake. Guareschi vs. De Gaspari, a scandal of the first Italian Republic.
  • 2014 A.G.P. national conference, Bologna: “The identity of graphology professionals – Trends, developments and challenges”. Report title: A fake spiritual inheritance.
  • 2012 CIGME conference, Rome: “Graphopathology within the judicial framework”. Report title (in collaboration with Roberto Travaglini): Graphogenesis of deviance in the modern society.
  • 2010 Advanced Graphology Institute national conference, Rome: “Professional refresher courses and making assessors and experts responsible”. Report title: Graphological potentials in a graphic expert’s report.
  • 2010 A.G.P. conference: “Graphic imitations and dissimulations”. Report title: Self-falsification.
  • 2009 A.G.P. conference: “Anonymous letters – Expertise, judicial, psychological, criminological and graphological consequences”. Report title: Expertise theory and practice in anonymous handwriting.
  • 2008 A.G.P. conference: “Graphology or Graphologies? A comparison of methodologies and personalisation potentials”. Report title: Pressure in French graphology.
  • 2007 ARIGRAF refresher conference, Milan. Report title: Probabilities and certainties in experts’ reports.
  • 2005 A.P.R.E.S.P.A. national conference: “Trauma: signs, symptoms and response strategies”. Report title: Oedipus in handwriting.